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The tone of this Maltese dog discussion forum is that of congenial and scholarly discussions about pure breed Maltese dogs and their proper care and responsible ownership. Please understand that not all contributors to our forum are owned by purebred Maltese only. Some replies and questions may come from a mixed breed Maltese owner or from someone who has a dog with a questionable or erroneous pedigree. Courtesy is assumed. Contributors may argue facts or opinions within the focus of the goals of the forum, however, personal attacks on other contributors will not be left posted. "flames" are not welcome on Maltese Only. We intend to moderate the Maltese forum, not referee it. If you believe you must attack a person rather than that person's stated opinions, do so privately or best not at all.

We remind our forum participants that the group numbers approximately 1000 visitors daily in over 10 countries and represents a wide span of both cultures and levels of expertise. Message content and language should reflect an appreciation that what is being said, as it were, is spoken from a podium in front of a very large, very diverse group of people. For instance, often humor is interpreted differently depending upon a person's cultural background or beliefs and therefore jokes will not be posted. Prior to posting a message to the forum, please take a few moments to become familiar with our user agreement.

Here are a few hints when posting a message or reply:

  1. Think the message through carefully before you post it.
  2. Choose your subject heading carefully. Ten times as many people will read your subject line as will read your message.
  3. Accept that no matter what you say, someone can find a way to turn your own words against you.
  4. Accept that other people have the right of free speech.
  5. Do not repost the same argument you made in a previous post. Posting a point once is stronger than using two posts to make one point. As long as your original post still exists, anyone can read it and accept it as if it were a response to your critic.
  6. Do not feel obligated to respond to any post. Of course, when someone asks if you meant "Howard Schwartz" when you said "Howard Grossman" and the answer is affirmative, a response is appropriate.
  7. Let the other person have the last word in a disagreement. Making the final post in an argumentative thread is perceived as weakness, not a strength.
  8. Assume that any comment overly critical of you will not be believed, and will soon be offset by a response from someone who thinks you are being treated unfairly.
  9. Use humor, but use it sparingly. A little humor sharpens an argument, but too much humor comes across as meanness.
  10. It is easy for one person to post multiple messages, attaching a different name to each. Therefore, multiple anonymous attacks might all be posted by just one person. The more outrageous the attacks, the more likely that they were all posted by one person.
  11. If you are asking a question or requesting information, use a question mark in the subject line.
  12. Our forum is to discuss Maltese dogs. Although it is difficult sometimes to locate a Maltese dog breeder, visit , please don't use our forum for posting "looking for ads". The same goes for those looking for an outlet to sell puppies. Not in our forum please. Your message will be deleted without notice. Thanks & Enjoy.

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