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Thyroid Problems?

Postby darrendog » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:42 pm

Hello again all!
So I'm not sure if I have mentioned this in a previous thread or not. So my Demetri now has, funnily enough, an underactive thyroid. It's ironic because I don't have my thyroid anymore and it was probably a year after my surgery when he started to have health issues. Our vet said that sometimes our pets will mimic our own health issues. My first question is, has anyone ever had this happen to them?

My second question is, do any of you have a dog with an under active thyroid? Are there any special diets to help or vitamins? He no longer eats food with salt in it, we give him mainly fresh food every day. He no longer eats kibble or anything with grain. I've also started making homemade treats and meals. Helping slightly.

It seems that in the past year my pup has been experiencing one health issue after the other. He still has seizures, though thankfully his allergies seem done. But he still has this oder in his breath. We believe it is an infection since when he is put on medicine for infections there is no oder. I'm wondering now if maybe this could be linked to his thyroid as well.

Any stories of similar situations or any suggestions are very much welcomed! The vets haven't been much help, especially since we can't seem to keep up with how many health issues are being brought to light. The vet in our area can't do much besides recommend specialists for all his heath issues, so in the mean time I am trying to do as much as possible while we try to find a new vet that can help us out fully without wanting us to spend thousands of dollars.

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