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Postby darrendog » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:37 am

Hello all! Quick update.

Okay so, roughly a year or so since I've posted and I have a new question. Demetri dog is now on 2 medications and thankfully he is now seizure free for the most part. He takes 2 pills a day and is given the liquid meds 3x per day. The pill meds are on the lowest dosage while the liquid is on the highest. While I am incredibly grateful that he doesn't have seizures like he use to, he has gotten more aggressive lately.

For example, when someone comes through the door he rushes towards them and instead of licking them like he use to, he barks and growls for 5 minutes. Even if I hold him and have him sniff them it's the same thing. He snapped at my younger cousin the other day, as we were hugging goodbye. I was holding him bc we had several people over and as I leaned towards her Demetri tried snapping at her. Before when I would hug someone while holding him the most he would do is try to lick their face. If I let him down to roam while other people are over even if he seems calm he will eventually snap on someone, even if he is sitting right next to them on his own free will. When we go over other people's houses, which he use to love, he will now growl and bark everytime someone comes into the room. Sniffing them and having him get adjusted over time doesn't help anymore.

I love my doggo, he has always been sweet to other people and dogs. I know it's the medicine but I don't want to put even MORE medicine in him to deal with his aggression unless I absolutely have to. Would training help or should I look into more CBD? Calming pills you can buy over the counter never seemed to help, unless someone can suggest a calming pill that actually truly helped out.

To give you guys an idea, Demetri has always loved people and children. When my niece was born she would pull on him and he wouldn't even blink, just sit there happily. He turned 9 this past November, but I refuse to believe him getting older is the cause. Because before these meds, roughly several months ago for the pills, he was still himself. Demetri has always been quirky but never would make people nervous that he would bite them, now he does and it's very upsetting since we all know that isn't his usual self.

I am going to go to the Vets within the next month and ask them for assistance but wanted to ask the people on here for help as well. So, please, if anyone can help, I'd be incredibly grateful.

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