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Re: Maltese with heart failure

Postby Ray » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:37 am

Hi Sharon Nunn -- I just joined yesterday and I looked up for "Maltese" with heart failure" the symptoms you describe are EXACT same as my little JJ had -- she first only started coughing after barking -- then only one cough --then after one month she started coughing several times a day and then could only stop after she sort of "had a sort of last hard cough as if she spitted" she had one time small heart failure and fainted she came back. She passed away last week 20th Jan. 11 1/2 years -- totally healthy dog only this heart size increasing started 8 months ago. My suggestion is (I hope your sweaty is still alive) check several vets -- I made a mistake and only going to my regular vet and not going to heart specialist or so. So try more vets!!! ..I only gave her one medicine but Maltese dogs are smart JJ (my dog) tried to avoid the little treats I gave her when she smelt medicine was in it. So I used a syringe--also she moved her head like crazy. But do not give up - I even have been reading people who injected with small syringe their dogs-at least to make sure medicine goes in!

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