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yearly vaccinations

Postby sallyjodo » Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:28 pm

I'm interested in learning whether other Maltese owners vaccinate their pets yearly. I know there is controversy as to whether or not yearly vaccinations are necessary and I'm leaning in favor of not vaccinating. My Maltese is a female, 3 years old, 5-1/2 pounds. She has had the vaccines up to this point Thanks for input.


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby jasper » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:07 pm

many factors come into play. Is your dog interacting with other dogs? is it boarded or kept in a cage during the grooming visits? My vet believes in the minimum of vaccines. However, if I board them or use the groomer where all the dogs are caged while not being groomed, I make sure they have the bordatella vaccine (an additional vaccine). Too dangerous, in my opinion (and vet recommendation) that they get this shot. Since we live by the woods and there are coyote and deer and other wildlife running through the yards and the dogs are exposed to the wildlife feces, etc., there is another one the vet recommended. I can not remember how often it is, but my dogs are quite active and outside a great deal, so I wanted to be sure they got it. They had giardea (sp?) within their first 6 months and I am quite leery about them getting ill from other dogs. Believe it or not, I am more anti-vaccine, than not, but these other factors in their lifestyle influenced my decision. If they were inside dogs and never interacted with other dogs, I would only get the minimum (rabies) shot necessary. HOpe this helps!


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby almitra38 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:23 am

You can get your dog a titer test at the vet's to determine whether or not they still have ongoing immunity from the previous year's shots. No sense in vaccinating a dog that's still got immunity. Inquire about it at your vet's. :) HTH!

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Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby MyMalteseKid » Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:38 pm

Vaccines are a personal choice of whether doing it annually or not. I for one do have my little one titer tested. He didn't need the vaccine. I also believe in reduced doses of vaccines. The last time he was only vaccinated with 1/2 the dose and the titer showed he didn't need them this time around. He is due in Feb for another titer test.

If your vet titer tests then I would say have the test done to see.


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby carriegene » Wed Nov 11, 2009 2:06 am

I have found that every single vet I asked was very negative about the titer. They are very unreceptive to the idea. I did find a vet who agrees to a minimum of vaccines and to not doing them yearly. She acknowledges it is not always necessary.


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby nbbarricklo » Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:32 pm

Not to scare anyone, but my 14 month old Maltese, Connor, just had a life threatening adverse reaction to his yearly shots (3 yr. rabies & Parvo/distemper) yesterday. He was treated immediately and seems to be okay, but it was terrifying. My advice is to find a vet who is willing to titer test to see whether vaccination is actually needed. Rabies shots are the only ones required by law -- and in the case of Maltese probably the one disease we vaccinate for that they are likely to never encounter (seems ridiculous to me). Unless you keep your dog alone in the house all day, she could be exposed to all the other diseases that can be dangerous. My friend who is a vet just told me today that even though they get through their shots one year, they could potentially have a reaction the next. She also suggested never giving more than one vaccine at a time to these little guys. Needless to say, Connor will need special treatment in future as I hope never to put him through this again!


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby Hakuna » Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:20 pm

Please dont vaccinate your dogs. I have a healthy 7 year old Maltese whom I never took to any VET or got vaccinated since she was a baby. After being vaccinated with anti-rabies, distemper and bordetela all at one time, got very sick. She could barely walk, stand up, lethargic, sad, muscle weakness, seizures etc etc. PLEASE dont give your dogs any vacciness and/or METACAM. They will only harm your precious dogs. MOST VETS and DRUG COMPANIES are just doing this for the MONEY!!! My poor dog is still suffering because of toxic drugs/vaccinations!!!!


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby addy » Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:55 pm

I cannot prove it was all the vaccines, but I did have a maltese who developed a tumor at the Rabies site. Vet said this can happen. After more vaccines, she developed an inflammatory response in her lungs that killed her. So I am very leary of vaccines and intend to insist on a titer.

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Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby doggyluver4 » Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:16 am

Can anyone tell me what a titre test costs now. When I got my Golden 8 years ago her breeder wanted me to go this route after she had all her shots as a puppy. I am a member of a dog club and train dogs (I have 5) all the time. Every time you sign up for classes you have to give proof that you have had all the shots required. You used to have to have all shots every year but now it is every two years. My vet admitted to me that it even says on the rabies vaccine that it only needs to be given every three years. When I inquired 8 years ago a titre test cost $400 and if I signed up for three 10 week dog lesson courses in a year it would have cost me $1200 per dog that I was training, which is way too expensive. I have been giving my dogs the shots only every two years now, the rabies one year and the distemper/parvo the next. My oldest malt is almost 11 and I think her training is over so am thinking of only doing the rabies every three years but I still think that it is important to take her in every year for a yearly checkup. My club has moved to six, six week courses now so it would now be even more expensive!!


Re: yearly vaccinations

Postby mbl1346 » Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:02 pm

To sallyjodo -

My wife and I have a very loving, intelligent, and affectionate 8 year old male Maltese, “Buddy" who came down with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) this past December 2009. I have read just about every web site and blogs to see if I could find some common threads between what Buddy is going through with the hope of finding any owners out there who may have experienced a similar situation. Please post a response so my wife and I can mentally prepare ourselves for what may not be a good outcome.

Buddy's story goes like this - on 11/7/09 we took him in for his Rabies Canine, 3 yr shot. Then on 11/10/09 he got his DHLLP, 3 year booster and Bordetella annual. Up until December 12th Buddy showed no signs of distress but on Sunday the 13th (30 days later) at about 1 AM in the morning Buddy threw up twice. Since he was a puppy Science Diet dry was his favorite food until they changed ed the formula several years ago and we had to try SD soft, which he enjoyed. So we were somewhat confused at the time atas to why he threw up.

Buddy has the run of the house and is trained to go on puppy pads that we leave in the kitchen during the day just in case. When I got home from work on Monday the 14th of December his urine was dark orange in color, his head and tail were down and stool was soft. Immediately I called our vet and they suggested making an appointment for the next day, I could not take that chance and took him that evening. The vet suggested he stay overnight for observation and tests, we agreed. That evening they drew blood and the results were not good at all. RBC, HCT, HGB, AMYL, PLT, BUN, TP, and GLOB all were in the low range. Based on this the vet explained that he may have IMHA and wanted to submit a blood sample for a COMBS test which did come back positive. The next 5 days he remained in the care of our vet and the meds given to him were Metoclopramide, Presiodone, Doxycycline, and Carafate Suspension. During this time they took blood wanting to see what his PCV (packed cell volume) indic and at this time it was 19%. We were able to bring him home Friday the 18th and continued to give him his meds every 12 hours. At this point the vet was cautiously optimist that he may survive and if I had waited till the next day the outcome would have been very different.

We took him back on the 21st of December for a PCV test and it was 19%, he was maintaining and headed in the right direction. Again on the 28th of December another PCV test was given and this time it increased to 21%. I told the vet, with tears in my eyes, this was the best possible Christmas present my wife and I could have ever hoped for. Another PCV test was given on the 11th of January and it increased to a 43% which was great news. The vet decreased his meds and is only on Presiodone every 24 hours verses 12 hours. His next PCV test will be done on February the 15th. He is not out of the woods yet because I have read that once they are taken off of the Presiodone the IMHA could possibly return. Hopefully it will not!

It is now January the 30th and as I sit here in my recliner typing this with Buddy lying at my feet, I can only imagine how heavy our hearts would have felt if he had died at the vets. Now that he is home with us we see more of his personality as each day passes.

To all who took the time to read this, my intention was not to rekindle any hurtful memories but to tell our story and please whatever you do, do not give up hope if your loved one ever becomes ill. Give them every possible chance of surviving; do not wait one minute get to your vet immediately.

In closing, our prayers and thoughts go out to all who have experienced losing one of their beloved companions. If Buddy loses the battle, my wife and I have decided to have him cremated so he can remain with us forever. That’s Buddy’s story and I will post his PCV results in February. Take care!mljmp1346

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