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sneeze/breathing problems last long?

Postby Teresa » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:46 pm

My Spice is 2 years old and even though this problem happens less often now - it lasts a long time. She does this sneeze/cough thing and my guess is that she inhales some fluid - and then has trouble breathing. She even softly gives and "airy" whine while trying to breathe, and also coughs/gags as if she's trying to cough something up. This happened last night before bed and I held her and rocked her for quite a while untils he calmed down. However this morning she started with the coughing/gagging as soon as we got up and was having lots of trouble breathing. She is at the vet right now. The last time this happened was 3 months ago so I'm glad it's not too often now. At that time the vet thought it could be a liver shunt but in the meantime the liver enzymes have been checked again and all is well. They've also wondered about the reverse sneeze - but it seems to me that anyone who experiences that talks as if it doesn't last all that long. Any ideas from anyone?

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