9 Year Old Has a Problem Going on the Potty Pads.

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9 Year Old Has a Problem Going on the Potty Pads.

Postby Nicholasmom » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:24 pm

My 9 year old male, Niki, has been using potty sheets for all his life. He's a 15 lb. and healthy and because he's alittle bigger I place 2 sheets down giving him a 46" x43" place to go on.

Just this afternoon he has gone 3 times and the sheets are clean. However, he always goes just off the sheets. This has just begun to become an issue the past few months slowly growing worse. I mop the area, and use an enzyme bearing deodorizer to clean it up to try to remove the scent. Of course their little noses can pick up the slightest scent, but I think I could give him an aircraft carrier sized area to go on and he'd still go off the paper.

Any ideas as to how to get him back on the paper ? He's quite private about his going so its very hard to catch him in the act. I need ideas. I've run out of them. Thanks to all.

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