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Biting my shoes and boots

Postby Missv » Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:23 pm

My Maltese Winter is chewing my foot wears. She would usually do it when my sister dog Niño stay over. Two weeks ago she bit 2 boots when Niño was over. Niño is at home and Today I came home and Winter chewed 1 of my flip flop. Her habit is becoming expensive. She have toys to chew and play with. She is a rescued dog. I found her in my parents' yard in the winter. She was dirty and matted. She now has a loving family for 5 years now. My mother call her my grand dog. She would chew anything ( 2 of my flip flops, 2 boots, and 1 shoe, my sister and her daughter's Coach sneakers, sister's 1 sandal, sister's pillow from new couch, 6 shoes of my mother's, mother' box spring, husband's 1 sandal, brushes, and plastic containers). What can I do?

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