I'm lost. Potentially Diabetes? Please help.

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I'm lost. Potentially Diabetes? Please help.

Postby tutulove » Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:57 pm

This might be a little long but if you have the time, I'd really appreciate any advice. I'm really stressed and worried out of my mind.

My 9 year old maltese, Tutu was recently diagnosed with thyroid problems and has since been on Soloxine. Her hair has mostly grown back and was doing really well until about 2 weeks ago. We noticed that she was having a hard time chewing and wouldn't close her mouth. I thought maybe she had an infection in her mouth or had teeth problems or something but I took her to the vet who said there's nothing wrong with her teeth. In speaking with him, we noted that she has been drinking more water and does eat her food with a little more gusto than usual. Plus she had lost 3lbs since the last visit (maybe 2-3 months ago). I had noticed that she lost a little weight. I thought it was great because we have been more active now that the weather was getting nicer but I never expected 3lbs! The vet asked if there were any other changes or any limping or lameness which there wasn't so the vet ordered a blood test and we're waiting for the results.

But of course, the day after the vet appointment, she starts limping. I tried calling the vet but am waiting for him to call me back. In the meantime, I'm going crazy. I've been reading that dogs that are hypothyroid can also have diabetes but I don't really know what this means.

Does anyone else's furbabies have thyroid problems or diabetes or both? I'm so lost and I don't know what to do. I just want my baby to feel better.
Please help.

Thank you for reading... <3

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