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help with clippers

Postby 808mochi » Thu Apr 17, 2014 5:12 am

i'm currently using shears to puppy cut but want to speed up the process. i'm fairly satisfied with the cut i'm giving her cross cutting and blending to smooth out her body. since she moves (6 mos. old) i tend to cut my guide finger a lot (better her than me) and this is another reason for thinking of getting an andis clipper for her body. initially looked at cordless to simplify the procedure but corded seems to get better reviews for lifespan. wanted about a 1" length but have found 3/4" to be longest blade avail and that's okay. i was wondering should i get a shorter blade to use on her tummy and use a comb attachment when i want the longer cut on her body for more versatility or will the quality of the cut suffer with the attachment?
mahalo for your responses.

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