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Skin Problems

Postby Abbey » Tue May 13, 2014 5:15 am

My MaltiPoo, Abbey, has splotches, a light beige color that have come up recently, within the past maybe two weeks that have covered almost her entire body and it seems there are new ones forming on her belly and all over her skin. Her skin was always a pretty pink but when my husband bathed her tonight, I saw the horror and freaked totally out on seeing these (whatever they are) covering her skin. I've recently had neck surgery and My Mother-in-law was here for a two week visit and bathed her while she was here. Also, she went in for her regular grooming and they didn't mention it. I'm just so worried, that's our BABY! I'm taking her to the vet this morning. I actually called our 24 hour emergency vet here and was told to keep her comfortable, watch her breathing for the night, and get her in in the morning.

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