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Fun Stuff With Maltese Questions

Postby merryblueeyes » Fri May 30, 2014 9:29 pm

I wonder if any other Maltese owners have experienced odd questions about our dogs. Hope seems to bring out the stupid in people, lol. I've had several people ask me, "Was it hard to have her hair straightened?" At my confused look, they add, "It is a poodle isn't it?" The variation on this comment is, "I didn't know poodles came with straight hair now!" Really! Do people think I'd sit with a straightening iron on a poor, little, curly poodle!
Then there was the man walking behind me whom I overheard saying, "That is the whitest dog I have ever seen; I wonder how she keeps it that way." His wife replied, "Of course she couldn't keep a normal dog that white. It's obviously an albino!" I guess she missed the black eyes and nose, or never heard of giving regular baths!
Then there are people who see Hope in her little pink collar with the rhinestones; her little pink halter and pink leash, often with her little pink dress with the ruffles and ask, "Is it a girl or a boy?" I've had that so many times that I sometimes reply, "It's a boy, but he is a cross-dresser!"
I know that our fears for our little ones sometimes overwhelm the forum so that we concentrate on illnesses and losses, but it is good to remember that these dogs give us a lot of smiles, laughs and love. Twice in the last two days, I've had people say, "That is the cutest dog I have ever seen!" These dogs are such a joy.

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