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Housebreaking Problems. Please help!

Postby Trimpkey » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:57 am

I have had my lovely boy maltese for 3 weeks now and am getting nowhere with potty training. I take him out frequently to the same outdoor spot. Give him lots of praise when he pees. Inside he mostly stays in a pen with his opened crate inside and puppy pad which he uses pretty consistently but sometimes pees nearby it. Often he won;t pee outside and just wants to play and eat sticks. When I have him on the lead he pulls and fights and has started growling at me. I'm determined to be the pack leader in this relationship so it's a worry.
Other than that he is sweet and sleeps every night in his open crate with his pee pad nearby and is calm and quiet. He is happy to be shut in his crate for a couple of hours.
I play with him in the house but if I turn my back for a second he will pee on the floor and not use the puppy pad near the front door.
I feel like after 21 days of consistency there has been no progress. He sometimes pees outside but mostly plays, he pees mostly on his puppy pad and sometimes misses, and pees everywhere in the house even though there is a puppy pad for him to use outside of his pen!

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