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New Maltese Puppy Owner :)

Postby Deesa123 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:39 am

Hi Everyone :)

I have just become a Maltese Puppy Mum to a precious wee boy. We have had Joey for 4 days now and he is settling in well I think. Just thought I would join up to this forum to talk to other Maltese parents and gain some knowledge as he is my first ever puppy and I could do with some tips/tricks on training etc. Look forward to getting to know people on here.

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Re: New Maltese Puppy Owner :)

Postby LillysMom » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:36 am

Hi Deesa,

I'm a new Maltese owner too. My Lilly isn't quite a puppy anymore. She's four. She is a cutie pie though and is very smart. Enjoy your new pup!

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Re: New Maltese Puppy Owner :)

Postby Cupidsmommy » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:28 am

It's an exciting time right? I have a new puppy too. How old is yours?

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Re: New Maltese Puppy Owner :)

Postby MaddiesDaddy » Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:40 am


You don't know it yet, but you have just brought home the best friend and most loyal partner that you could ever imagine. The impact that Mr. Cupid (is that his name?) will have on your life will last a lifetime! Eventually, he will understand every word you speak, and most importantly, every emotion that you experience. Its those two qualities (besides their undeniable, unequivocal grace, beauty and overall "cute-osity") that will make your happy times happier. He will also comfort you when you are sad. In fact, he will never leave your side during a tough time and will do his best to lick the tears off of your face all night if he has to.

When you wake in the morning, you will have a fluffy littler hippity-hopper dancing around your feet exclaiming his joy for your presence and an overall passion for life! He will truly be your best cheerleader, and will always and gladly be your shoulder to cry on.

As for what to expect, I would say you're definitely going to need some type of fetch toy. Maddie (my 8-year-old female) LOVESSSSS squishy, squeaky balls. Be sure that when you are shopping for your Prince that you consider the size of his little chompers. I would also say that, at least for my Princess, she loves getting new stuff. Something new always inspires this priceless reaction and spunk in her step. In fact, her favorite part is digging through the bag to find the new item. Also....edible chewies. Loves em!

As for as activities, I think its true for all dogs, but anywhere you can take him to sniff new areas/items. Maddie likes to ride in the car with the windows down and just sniff. Dogs "see" the world through their nose, always keep that in mind.

As for the issue that you are undoubtedly having.....eventually he will learn not to walk in your pathway. At first, it will have to be something that you concentrate on, as he is a tiny little guy and is essentially a baby right now. The best advice I can give you on the fear of stepping on him is that you will only do it a couple times and he will learn that when you are walking that he needs to stay away from your feet haha!

I'm very happy for you!!! You're made the right choice and you probably already know it!

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