Which is easier? A new puppy or a 9 month old rehomed pup?

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Which is easier? A new puppy or a 9 month old rehomed pup?

Postby coldtoesinmi » Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:08 am

Hi all, my name is Michelle and I am in a bit of a dilemma... My hubby and I have been on the search for a new dog and I was approached by this gentleman online about his dog that needed rehoming. It is a papered 9 month old Maltese. He is adorable of course. Problem number 1..... he has spent his life in a home with 7 other dogs. The family also breeds and raises Yorkies, so this dog is used to being part of a pack. I was told the reason they were getting rid of this one was that his wife was expecting, (I assumed she was expecting their first child) When we got there to pick up the dog, we discovered that they had 6 children and number 7 on the way.. so not only is the dog used to 7 other dogs for company, he is used to 6 children running around the house. Now the stark difference is THIS.. it is just my hubby and myself. no grandchildren, I stay home, but hubby works.. We have had the puppy for 2 days and it is crazy, I can not go to the garbage without the dog going crazy. How are we supposed to go to church on Sunday? I asked specifically if the dog was ok with crate training a d was told that they never needed to crate him because he never was destructive. He is chewing on my furniture, barking like crazy (we live in an apartment)...

My question is really this....Is he just lonely? They offered to buy him back if there were any problems, i am wondering if our home is just to quiet and calm and he is used to chaos.... Also is it easier to train and crate train a 10 week old puppy than a 10 month old one? Does this guy have bad habits that are harder to break, so ultimately he is a more difficult case? Or is a 10 week pup more difficult due to time involved? I hate to look at medicating this dog so I can go to church..... but when I can not go to the dumpster without him losing his mind, then we have a problem AND MY HUSBAND WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM ON THE COUCH... he was not even alone... SHould we return this guy to his home and start over with a younger pup that we can mold a bit easier.. I know all dogs take time, but this guy seems to have almost every bad habit i have seen in small dogs... Which age group "catches on faster"?

Thanks for your opinions and time-

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Re: Which is easier? A new puppy or a 9 month old rehomed pup?

Postby Cupidsmommy » Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:10 am

What do you mean by "go crazy?" Barking? Chewing? You have to remember absolutely everything is new and it does take a while for a new dog to adjust to new ways. We just got a 10 week old Maltese (he is now 12 weeks) and in two weeks the changes are remarkable. He is like a little sponge taking in new things and learning as he goes. He even rings a bell to go out to potty. It took alot of work and constant training but he really is molding himself slowly and surely.

I would maybe give your baby a little more time just to settle before making any decisions.

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Re: Which is easier? A new puppy or a 9 month old rehomed pup?

Postby bphslp » Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:55 pm

I have to tell you that his behavior is normal. He has been taken out of his environment and everything is new. Leave him in one room and leave for five min. and return. Increase the time leaving him to 10 min later in the day. Praise him when you enter the room. Give him plenty of cuddles but do not hold him constantly. Take him outside either in a yard or a walk. You have to earn his trust. Stay calm with him. They can sense your anxiety. Best to you.

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