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adopting a 2 year old maltese

Postby bailey79 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:32 am

Our friends can no longer keep their 2 year old Maltese and we are keeping her for a week to see if we might want to adopt her. It's all very sudden... I usually do a lot of research before committing to something. And we certainly have not committed yet, so I'm researching now!
We picked her up tonight. They told us she is a sweet dog who loves to cuddle and we are finding that to be true!
Here are a few issues that I would love some advice on:

*She apparently won't do her business while people are watching. They just let her out into the yard and let her go by herself. This won't really work in our house/yard situation. With our old dog, we'd take her out on her leash and she'd go.

*That brings me to my next issue - she does not know how to walk on a leash. How do we fix this?

*She lived with another dog who apparently "terrorized" her. I don't think it was a terrible situation by any means but I do worry about how this might affect her. We had a dog in the past who was not treated well by other dogs and he was aggressive and scared of other dogs when we adopted him.

*She eats Purina right now but we want to feed her Orijen. How can we best transition her?

*I would love any tips on Maltese! What kind of training works best? Especially with a 2 year old... she's calm but doesn't even know basic commands like sit!

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