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Breeder problems?

Postby Judi » Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:55 pm

We're becoming concerned: the breeder to whom we've paid a deposit has repeatedly promised baby pictures and videos but has not followed through. We have seen formal "show portraits" of both parents. Of our puppy, we've seen a pic of the whole litter (faces only) and two other pictures taken within moments of each other. I do understand not everyone is comfortable with the technology of sending pictures but their website has blossomed during this time-frame and they use Facebook. Is this usual? We are beginning to wonder whether there might be a problem with the puppy. We've only bought one other dog this way. He was well introduced; we were able to make conclusion about his interactions with his parents and litter mates and about how he would fit in our family. But maybe that was what's atypical. Maybe most people buy puppies based entirely on bloodline rather than on personality. I don't know.

Again, is this usual among Maltese breeders?

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