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Addison's Disease Beware

Postby codysmommy » Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:58 am

My Cody started getting really sick and had his first bout in June. He had all the signs of a stroke. He even went blind. However after given prednizone and antibiotics, the next day he get better. Had another bout in October. That is when the vet told me he had a stroke and his eye sight would not come back and he would not be the same Cody. However again, after given prednizone and antibiotics, the next day he was better and his eye sight came back. Two months later, he had another attack and this was the worse. I do have a great vet and he is really good. But this bout was extremely bad and even my boyfriend thought for sure we would have to let Cody go. I get to the vets and Cody is like I never seen him before. He was really bad. I cried and cried and begged to at least try to make him better. My vet said ok but advised me not to let him go like this past 48 hours. Again, he was blind and very ill. But again, after prednizone and antibiotics, he was better. So, I took him to the vets a couple days later so he could see how Cody was just fine and couldn't even tell he was sick. But 2 weeks later, he had another one. Finally after test etc, we find out he has Addison's disease. He isn't having strokes at all. After reading about it online and listening to my vet it is true that most vets do not diagnose this disease because it is rare and is very much mistaken for strokes. Anyone and just about any vet would have suggested putting him to sleep the day everyone thought I should. I am soo very glad I listened to my heart and not to everyone around me because my Cody would not be here now and I would have never known. He's playing, excellent appetite and his tail is up and he's back to barking and everything. Downfall is, the prednizone is damaging his liver but the prednizone is what is keeping him alive. He now takes a liver vitamin also hoping we can stop the damage from getting any further.
I had no clue about Addison's disease nor its symptoms. The testing is expensive but well worth it to me. He is only 7 years old and will be on medicine the rest of his life but he can live a healthy long life. As my vet stated and from studying up on this disease, most vets do not diagnose this and mistake it as having strokes and I understand how they do, going through it. But it also makes me wonder how many little ones have been put to sleep being mis diagnosed. Just putting this out there so others can be aware.

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