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My little JJ died -- and her little son is so sad please help me

Postby Ray » Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:29 am

Hi All,
Yesterday I send a mail to the administrator of this forum-before I got my "OK" to login in -- I just could not help already telling my story.... We are living in Taipei(Taiwan) and I see most of you are in USA -- I originally come from Holland--anyway that's not my story. The story is; 11 1/2 year we bought a beautiful little puppy and named her "JJ" just adorable this perfect looking lady. Sweet-smart--all the things we all write about our little withies. After a few year we thought to see if JJ could be pregnant so we could have more adorable little ones. She got pregnant very fast but more strange it was only one! Anyway we where happy. Sad thing JJ lost her first baby. we where all devastated and try to help JJ to forget about it ...
JJ was quickly the old one again. two years later we tried again ---and yes success. Again only one. This time we went to the vet to make sure all was OK - it seemed that because only one this one took all food etc and grew like crazy -- also this one-so we went to the vet every day to check until the moment he say it was time to get the baby. DD was born a healthy boy ... (later I will show you all the pictures you will love them) JJ was a bit in chock what was this little one doing next to her but soon see knew it was hers. and we brought them home. weeks of helping JJ to feed DD followed JJ was accepting us as her helpers. DD grew up and both JJ and DD where like real Mum and Son -- DD following JJ everywhere. Last summer around May JJ suddenly started to cough a lot --I now see on the Forum this is a start of congestive heart failure...we did not know ---in the beginning stupid us thinking "oh its a bit because she is too excited" In September it got worse and even once she fainted ---actually that was already a small heart failure.... We went to our vet he told us the exact thing --he said "there's nothing I can do". he was not our regular guy---so next day I went to the man who delivered DD and knows JJ a lot -- he told us we can try to stop the heart growing and try to make it stable so that's we did. Twice a day medicine. But it did not helped enough. Now I feel quilt after reading all the experiences and things you all did in this same situation. Everything did not help-last week our JJ woke up very early and started to cough more and more and she fainted and her heart stopped we tried to rescue her but did not help. It was like a nightmare and so untrue-I was not ready to let my sweet white JJ go. The thing I want you all via this forum, now her Son DD (2 years old) is so quit - no more naughty stuff jumping up and down running like a little puppy -as if he now suddenly became a man. I know JJ his mum was like his pack leader next to me but his behavior is so strange. Has anyone have this same experience-I tried to read many posts but could not find any. I really hope any of you could help me how to handle this little boy. Of course I talk to him a lot and let him feel good-I am a technical designer so work mostly at home - he is constantly next to on a towel and on my bag(also JJ's favorite place before. We brought JJ home today after cremating her. It was a very nice place where they did it -actually I was surprised Taiwan had such a nice place to take care of this. So much dignity. Really thankful. Yesterday I have been reading lots and lots of memories from many forum members and really helped me to cope with the loss of my little JJ. It's amazing the strength this forum has. Thanks to all who would like to help our DD.

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