5 1/2 month Maltese Boy Grooming Issue

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5 1/2 month Maltese Boy Grooming Issue

Postby maltesebaby » Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:17 am

I took my 5 1/2 month maltese to get groomed for the first time a week ago because his hair was matted which it will never again get to this point. The groomer shaved his hair,except for on his head and face, which I told her not to do. I will never have him shaved again, but since it was matted there was no other choice. I think the groomer should have said it is too young and to wait. I was there the entire time to observe for safety and proper treatment. He was not cut, but for the past week his behavior has been strange. He does wear a cotton shirt for warmth, but he was almost potty trained, and started to use the bathroom in his bed and any blanket or sheet that is on the floor. He avoids the hardwood floors, and we have to keep sheets or blankets in every room he goes to, so he can avoid the floor. He hates being picked up and wiggles or tries to jump out of arms. He whines and is very jumpy. I can't wait until the fur grows to a point where he is comfortable. I think this made him anxious and may have been traumatic as his behavior changed. There is slight improvement, but not completely. He still runs quickly on the floors to avoid it and find a blanket or sheet to land on. Sometimes goes in circles and wants the safety of a bed or blanket. Again, I will never have his hair shaved by brushing him a few times a week, and hopefully this is not permanent behavior. I want him to feel at ease and not so jumpy and anxious. Any solutions?

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