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Allergies for my Demetrius

Postby darrendog » Tue Oct 11, 2016 6:12 pm

Hello all!

So, to give a refresher...I have a seven years old Maltese, his name is Demetri. We have had him for seven years and it hasn't been the easiest seven years, health wise.
I believe that our puppy dog came from a puppy mill, he was always quick to jump if people yelled and was incredibly scared of the dark. He had health issues right away, constantly throwing up, but always normal little puppy issues. He also was very difficult to train, very lovable but not like our first dog at all LOL.
His health issues started more in depth around the age of 4 or 5 I believe. He was constantly biting his paws to the point of inflammation. We did wipes, sour sprays, nothing deterred him from licking and biting. We then experimented with different dog foods. He eats more organic, fruits and homemade treats that are grain free, only give him chicken if we cook it ourselves, the whole nine yards. We are still trying to find a better "dog food" company due to the fact that his allergies have gotten worse. (So if anybody has a good organic dog food suggestions, either wet or dry, that would be great! :) )

Within the last year his allergies have gotten to the point of him being red and pink all over, he is constantly scratching til he bleeds if no one is there to stop him, and his ears are inflamed and scabby. (Will post pictures as soon as possible). We went to the vet, and all they did was give antibiotics as well as some meds that helped relieve the itch. But they were only for 2 weeks. The vet believed it was from food and a possible flea bite. My dog doesn't go outside as much as big dogs and when he does he usually has medicine for fleas for spring and summer. I repeatedly told the vet it wasn't his food nor a flea bite, she didn't believe me and had us put him on a temporary vet assigned food. Our little guy couldn't stand the food as he wasn't even allowed his favorite fruit, blueberries, and we saw no difference in his itching. She put him on a flea medicine, again, did nothing. I have not went back to this vet, as I am in the process of trying to find a vet that is better suited to help out my furkid.
Once summer came however, his skin healed and he didn't scratch as much. I was overjoyed that my little man wasn't miserable and hoped this was permanent. Sadly, it was not. Roughly, around the time that Autumn started his allergies came back with a vengeance. I believe they are environmental allergies.
His symptoms include: loss of hair, inflamed ears that are scabbed over, a musty odor, red skin, red eyes, scabs that bleed, constant itching and licking.
I have him wear dog boots on his back paws during the day which makes it so he cannot itch, but I can tell he is miserable. I bath him once a week, he doesn't go to the groomers due to the fact that all the local groomers aren't the...gentlest...when it comes to him. He gets very excited after a bath when it comes to drying off and they don't have the patience to deal with him. I have read that whitening shampoos cause dry skin so I am also in the process of trying to find a better shampoo and conditioner that would help him. I also use an antibiotic shampoo/conditioner already, but it honestly doesn't help very much.

A side note as well, as if the allergies were not enough...he has had two small fits, which I believe were seizures. He hasn't had an episode for a week and a half, we make sure to not give him anything salty and have really researched how to handle a dog prone to seizures. I believe he has epilepsy seizures. Going to a vet does very little for this, as all they will do is put him on drugs that keep him drowsy. I refuse to have my dog live the rest of his life miserable and drugged. I am a very organic person, especially when it comes to my dog. I know I could be grooming him a little better but I am improving when it comes to that.

As you can tell, my poor doggie isn't having the best time right now. Any advice or similar stories would be very appreciated. I would rather NOT spend thousands and thousands of dollars on just testing. As I know that it does very little to even find a problem. If I could simply find something for my dog that would alleviate his allergies and pain, that would be amazing. After all us humans get allergies and simply take medicine for the day to help relieve our symptoms. I have no problem spending money, as he is apart of my family, but I refuse to humor more vets who take my money and barely do anything to help my little man.

Please help!

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Re: Allergies for my Demetrius

Postby mss » Sat Oct 15, 2016 5:55 pm

Maybe look for a shampoo that has some cortisone in it. Perhaps try that for a while instead of the antibiotic shampoo. Your dog must be so unhappy, but I don't know what else to suggest, other than seeing a vet who is board certified in dermatology.

I've had a dog that had epilepsy from a young age, and he was on potassium bromide to control it and did not have a problem with side effects. But when seizures start at an older age, that could indicate another medical problem causing the seizures.

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Re: Allergies for my Demetrius

Postby Mickeydog » Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:10 am

Allergies are very tough to diagnose. However, some ideas....
1. Since it is worse when Fall starts, that may be due to mold/mildews/dampness in air.
2. Dogs are also indoors more in Fall/winter. So, if vet thought fleas initiated this, could be that home had at least one flea in it that bit him. Dogs can easily carry them in from outdoors. Flea meds are not fool proof. May want to "deflea" the house, in case.
3. My male and female have similar issues. One thing the vet suggested is that we have the dogs wipe their feet, when they come into the house. You can have them walk through a dishpan of water, or use baby wipes by the door. We use the baby wipes to wipe their eyes, then feet. I have noticed an improvement. You don't realize how much they pick up from the outdoors; fertilizers people put on their lawns, mud, etc...
4. I will use red wine vinegar and daub it on the male's pimples/red areas. I will also rub organic coconut oil on his skin. It seems to calm it and is a great moisturizer. Improvements aren't always overnight, so be patient. You can also add the coconut oil in their food. Good for ingestion. I will make scrambled eggs with coconut oil from time to time. They love it!
5. Use probiotics...get healthy from the inside out.
6. As far as cleaning..perhaps back off on frequency. They have many dry shampoos and that may be best for your dog.
7. Grooming: this can be very stressful. Suggest you purchase a grooming kit and learn to do it yourself. While they might not be the best cuts, you can at least greatly reduce the number of times pro grooming is needed. I started by making scissor sounds and rubbing their backs while I made the sound above the skin....they didn't know I wasn't cutting. Each day I did it and by the 3rd day I was able to try a trim here and there. I did it everyday and within a week they were very calm. One now actually jumps up on the table for me to groom her. They love it. They now seem calmer when they go to a regular groomer.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Allergies for my Demetrius

Postby darrendog » Wed Nov 30, 2016 4:25 pm

Hello all! Quick update on Demetri!

So, last night around 5pm he had another seizure, unlike the ones in the past he didn't recover right away. Unfortunately for this seizure, no one was around to help him through it nor record how long it was, causing this one to be more stressful on his body. It took him roughly twelve hours to recover and go back to normal. He was partially blind in one eye, he kept bumping into things, did not recognize his surroundings and took several hours to remember his name. He drooled uncontrollably for hours. He could not walk, and when he did it looked like a bowled cat walking. He would walk in tight circles going to the right, and then sometimes larger circles to the left. His right side was seized up, his muscles were tense. Our local vet was already closed until this morning so we had to wait. The closest Emergency Vet is almost an hour away and there wasn't much they could do for him that we weren't doing already. So we decided to wait til morning, just keeping him cuddled next to us while we waited.

Come morning he was doing significantly better. He was up every half hour until around 4-430am. He finally drank some water around 8am, and we took him to the vet. The vet took blood samples and gave him an antibiotic for his skin allergies/rashes. As well as Prednisone for his slipped disk that they believe he has after an examination.

Unfortunately right now we are not sure what is causing his seizures. Once blood work comes back we will know what the next step will be. For now he is resting and relaxing around our family. I am also looking into other types of alternative medicine for him, I just can't agree to give him medicine that will keep him drugged for the rest of his life. So if anyone has any stories to share about seizures and different types of medicine or treatment that helped their furkids, that would be very welcomed!

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