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Postby palikakitty » Tue May 30, 2017 8:18 pm

I have a 6 pound Maltese who is 2. He doesn't do high stairs and he doesn't jump at all although he can run for hours. We took in a stray Maltese looking dog who had been picked up by Animal Control. Fleas, heartworm positive, not spayed but very sweet dog and very well trained. We have fixed all of those things and they are best buds. She is lankier and her legs are longer compared to my Maltese who is very square bodied and she can jump like a kangaroo. She jumps on and off a high bed and can jump straight into my arms when I am standing! She is about 9 pounds. Can some Maltese jump? I think she is a mix but don't know with what. She's all white and her fur is slightly more cottony but no curl.

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