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Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby melissag57 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 7:19 pm

Hi everyone!
My 12 month old Maltese has had problems with flea infestations since the beginning of spring. We live in south FL so it is typical with the climate. I've tried to attack the problem at home but it is still not under control. He has been on Sentinel since I've had him and I recently tried Frontline Plus as an adjunct. The vet recommended Vectra 3D. We tried it today and my baby just seems a little lethargic, otherwise normal. I was just wondering what kind of adverse effects other Maltese dogs have had. I am keeping a close eye on my little guy and if anything changes, I will call the vet. Thanks!


Re: Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby aprilb » Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:30 am

I am not familiar with the Vectra 3D, but adverse affects from flea medications are possible. Fleas are easier to prevent than they are to get rid of. It can take several weeks to break the flea cycle when an infestation is present. When you walk outside, they can hitch a ride on your clothing. If you have not already done so, you need to treat your house, yard, and bathe and treat your Maltese before re-introducing him to your home. You can ask your vet what is safe to use. If the infestation is severe, this process may have to be repeated in 3-4 weeks. Since you live in an area where fleas seem to be a problem, I would keep your Maltese on a flea med year round. Also, I would spray around the outside of the house as needed throughout the year. Good luck!

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Re: Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby MyMalteseKid » Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:01 pm

Hi...All flea products have chemicals. Some pets react differently to them. You may want to try just a half a dose the next time of any product that you use. My opinion is that a full dose may be too much for a small breed. I have not heard of the Vectra. I have also heard that Ivory soap will kill fleas. You may try bathing your little one with a warm bath and liquid soap to see if it helps. Make sure you wash his bedding, etc. I hope soon the flea issue will end.


Re: Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby aprilb » Tue Jun 15, 2010 8:44 am

Yes-half a dose is a good idea. Both my girls are 4 pounds, and I have been giving each half a dose with good results.


Re: Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby hollybelle » Mon Jun 28, 2010 2:50 pm

My 7 lb Maltese also seemed to have a reaction the Vectra 3D. She seemed to have spasms!!! At night. Very scarey to me. The vet said she may have been reacting to the fleas leaving, then said perhaps give her half the dose then said they have had a few other maltese owners mention this. Okay which is it?
Anyway, So now I bought the Frontline Plus as that was what I had been using.
( When I said Iam not sure if she is getting fleas now since she is itching( it is 100+ degrees here in Texas off and on) they said the Frontline was beginning to not work, so that is why I bought the Vecta. I am still afraid to even put 1/2 a dose on her tho....... Sorry this is so confusing to follow, bear w me.)
My Llasa had no problem with it.
And I see now where the Frontline is for up to 45 lbs now instead of the up to 10 lbs one I used to get. So does this mean I should only give her 1/2 a dose of the Frintline too? ...The new vet place seems nice but Iam still looking for another one..Am I being overly picky or cautious?
Has anyone noticed the Frontline Pus not working and the fact I cannot find the 0-10lb dose?
I hate paying for a whole dose and having to throw the other $8.00 + amount away. thanks for reading.


Re: Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby jasper » Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:14 pm

my dogs had a reaction to flea meds as well, so my vet recommended this one. Previous side effects were vomiting, diarhea...when I put on the new meds their necks turned bright pink. I called the vet and he said to wipe it off. He said even if it is on only for an hour they should be okay. We have to be careful with meds. Your vet may recommend another med. worth asking!


Re: Adverse reaction to Vectra 3D?

Postby Toocutedobs » Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:48 am

I do not own Maltese but Dobermans and only wanted to share my experience with flea meds. When we moved to a new location we have severe problems with ticks although our dogs were on Frontline Plus. They would come in from a 20-30 minute play time and I would pick off a dozen ticks from each dog. The vet we saw said fleas and ticks were developing resistance to certain flea/tick meds and recommended Vetra 3D. This product has been great on our dogs with absolutely no problems. Vectra 3D works by adhering to the skin and hair of your dog and the dosage in calcualted based more on skin surface area than on weight. Since consumers would not know skin surface areas easily this is calculated for us and given in weight terms as more consumer friendly I believe. This is a great product for us and I would highly recommend it.

We have faced adverse effects from Hartz flea/tick meds and if you check online you will find that many people have had this experience. While visiting family I thought I should give the dogs flea meds since we were in a rural area and they were due for a dose. Not having my normal flea meds with us we went to petstore and picked up the Hartz product. The product caused a servere reaction on both dogs--it was terrible. Even after bathing them twice as advised by the product hotline the dogs still were crying and jumping up in obvious pain from the chemicals burning their skin. What I mean by this is their skin hurt them very badly where the chemicals were applied (technically not chemical burns as no skin damage). These are really tough dogs and don't show pain easily so this showed us they were really hurting alot. No one got any sleep that night. The dogs were miserable, jumping every couple of minutes, licking their skin and foaming/drooling at the mouth. They produced so much saliva that we had to put towels down on the carpets and change them out several times. It took a couple of days before they were ok again.

I share this in hopes that it helps someone with their choice of products and saves any dogs from what ours had to go through.

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