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lump in neck - swollen lymph gland?

Postby mikols » Mon Jan 07, 2008 3:31 pm

My precious little Tessa is 8 years old and has been a very healthy dog until just recently. She developed VERY VERY BAD BREATH and I noticed swelling in the left side of her neck. Her tongue also looked discolored - very red all around the edges of her tongue. I took her to the vet right away. The first vet scared me saying she could have lymphoma but we would only know that with a biopsy. More conservatively, he thought she might have an infection and he put her on antibiotics. The antibiotics seemed to have worked. Her breath cleared up and the lumps went away. However, about two moths later, the same symptoms returned. I took her to a new "holistic" vet for a second opinion. She thought Tessa had an infection in the mouth ( probaby bad teeth) so she put her back on a round of antibiotics and suggested I take her to a vet dental surgeon. Although I was feeding her a very high quality wheat/corn free dog food from Whole Foods, she had me change her diet too. I am now cooking human grade food for her. The "doggie dentist" put her under anesthesia and gave her a thorough exam and cleaning. Her teeth were not in that bad of condition though he did have to extract two upper molars and took a biopsy of her tongue. The biopsy turned out negative for cancer, but we still have no diagnosis of what is causing the problem. She still has bad breath even after all the denal work and it seems there is still some swelling in the lymph gland in the neck though not as bad as before. She will be going back to the Vet next week for some new bloodwork. Luckily, she has been acting as normal through the whole thing. She does not seem to be sick and is still her perky little self when she is not her normal sleeping self!! I wonder if anyone has experienced anything like this with their maltese or has any suggestions for me? God bless to all the animal lovers out there!


Re: lump in neck - swollen lymph gland?

Postby jasper » Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:23 pm

Simplify your life with food and feed her pure, natural dog food, no grains! You can easily find it and it is not as costly as you would think. I use Oryjen, Evo and mix another one (can't remember name). My dogs love it and I do not seem to have the allergy issues my first dog (raised on the popular brands) had for years. I know for people besides a possible sinus or lymph blockage, the stomach is the culprit of bad breath. Eastern meds teach stomach is source of allergies and problems with body. Fix belly and body will heal itself. Hopefully it is only an allergy causing this reaction. However, keep searching on internet for those symptoms and see if something presents itself! Good luck!


Re: lump in neck - swollen lymph gland?

Postby Starsmom » Sun Dec 28, 2008 8:16 pm

Unfortunately I have experience with the swollen lymph gland. My first Maltese at age 9. I noticed a swollen gland on one side only, took him to his doctor, then got a referral to the veterinary college. There, they were pretty sure it was Non-Hodgkins lymphoma but couldn't be positive until they removed a lymph gland and staged the tumor. At the time they were conducting blind studies on new cancer drugs, and wanted to admit him into one of them. Problem with that was there was no guarantee he would get the drug or a placebo. Also, while the test was going on he could not receive any other medication. It was all very frightening to me, so I said "No, he's my friend and he trusts me. He's not going to be used as guinea pig!" I took him home, read up on liver disease and treatments, put him on the prednisone, and pumped him with vitamins A,C,E,D, and tincture of oat. We spent 10 more months together before he let me know it was time to go. I may not have had that if we had done the study. His cancer was in his liver. The breath - it had the odor of ammonia, or really really bad fish! Should your baby have a form of lymphoma only you can decide what's right for both of you. I'm so sorry I haven't better news. My incident was 10 years ago, perhaps there's new treatments and hope.

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